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    The Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library is an all-volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to improving library resources and programs in the Duck Creek region of Delaware

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    Building a new & larger library

    We have begun an exciting new project to build a new library. Our existing library does not meet the needs of our growing community. You have an opportunity to be a part of this exciting, community changing program

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    Serving the community

    We will be more than books! Our new library will house a computer center, meeting spaces, movie spaces, special areas for children and other activities, a special Delawareana Collection, and much more!

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Duck Creek Regional Library Update

The Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library are happy to announce that a lease with the Town of Smyrna has been approved and signed allowing us to move forward. We have undertaken a capital campaign for the purpose of improving library services in the Smyrna-Clayton region, by building a much-needed, expanded and modern library for our citizens. Our architect is Becker Morgan Group who has extensive experience in library design. The design is complete and can be viewed on the following page. In addition, we have hired Richard Y. Johnson Construction Company as our construction manager at risk. This allows us to involve them to determine the most economical way to build our new library. The Friends are committed to supporting the new Duck Creek Regional Library's mission to provide a facility and environment that will connect residents of the Smyrna School District, as well as communities in the region of northern Kent County and southern New Castle County.

We will be executing a public relations campaign to inform everyone what the new library will offer, information about the library tax district (the county residents already pay this tax) and how our fundraising campaign is succeeding. While many people may think that the need for libraries is decreasing in this digital age, in fact, the opposite is true. Each new or renovated library that has opened in Delaware has shown increased usage consistently at opening and over time. The need for library access is especially urgent for the disenfranchised, those without computers, the elderly, and the financially challenged. Without a library and the services it provides, these people will truly be "left behind."

While the existing library is currently very limited in terms of usable space for programs and resources, the new library will offer enough space to include an entrepreneurship center, a computer center, teen and adult reading areas, space for an adult literacy program, a group activity center which would offer chess and other games, space for craft demonstrations and clubs, large and small meeting rooms, and home schooling activities, as well as facilities to offer college-level classes by Delaware colleges and universities.

On the fundraising front, we have a commitment from the State of Delaware for $4.4 million towards construction cost and will be asking them for another commitment towards construction. Currently, we have raised over $750,000 from the community and fundraising events. We recently received $50,000 from Crystal Trust Foundation, and we will continue to apply for grants.

Please stay tuned as we continue to move forward! Everyone is always welcome at any of our meetings held the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 in Belmont Hall.

Our project goals are simple:

  • We will construct a new library for the benefit of Smyrna and the surrounding communities.
  • We expect the architecture to blend with the Colonial and Victorian architectural styles that dominate our historic downtown area.
  • We expect the new library to become one of the main attractions of our area, providing assurances of the civic-mindedness, cultural awareness, and futuristic thinking which will be the hallmarks of Smyrna's transformation into a 21st Century community.
  • We expect to complete the project in by 2023, within budget, while meeting the expectations of our communities

About Us

Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library is an all-volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to improving library resources and programs in the Duck Creek region of Delaware.

Smyrna's population is growing at an incredible rate and it is clear that a bigger library is urgently needed to accommodate the area’s growth. Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library is working hard to bring the vision of the new facility into a reality.

Join Us

Your help is urgently needed.

Your contribution, large or small, is important to completing the new library. No contribution is too small. Please consider a tax deductible donation to ensure we are able to meet the demands of our growing and revitalized communtiy.

Why We Need a New Library


Libraries help "level the playing field" and ensure that no child is left behind. Libraries not only have significant impact on students personal and educational development, but have a positive impact on learning.


Our new facility will house both desktop and laptop computers. The recommendation is to have the number of personal computers equal to one PC for every 20 library visits per day.


With meeting and presentation spaces, work and study spaces, a Children's area, and more - we will foster a sense of community and collaboration. The new Library facility will be a social, cultural and educational center for our community.


The staff will be always eager to provide assistance and referrals to the community. Additionally, the all-inclusive, safe and friendly environment will be a unique forum for social networking, book clubs and reading groups.

Smyrna Population Growth

Current Size vs Recommended Size

Current Visits/Year

Current Circulation


"The regional library will not only enhance the quality of life for residents of Smyrna, Clayton, Kenton, Leipsic as well as lower New Castle County communities but will provide economic development and educational opportunities as well. "

Senator Bruce Ennis

"We are very excited to learn that Smyrna will finally have their new library. This building will be full of books, research materials, other collections and children’s programs. All free to the public right here on our hometown. We cannot wait. Also, a special “thank you” to the Town of Smyrna for their support. "

Cilla & Art Ricker

"A new library will be a wonderful asset for our community. We are really looking forward to the new programs and resources, especially for those families like ours with young children."

Janess Rasmussen

"Libraries add value to towns and neighborhoods. They are a desirable community asset! A library that is large enough, modern enough, and with ’state of the art” services supports today's citizens' need for access to information - educational, recreational, cultural, economic and a multitude of other needs and pursuits. And, it helps to level the playing field ,across social-economic lines, by promoting free and equal access to the technology so critical to obtaining educational, economic and cultural resources . "

Robin Bruner

"I enthusiastically support the proposed Duck Creek Regional Library since Smyrna will benefit from a regional library which would be supported by both New Castle and Kent Counties and the State of Delaware. For the same investment the Town makes in its current inadequate library, it would have access to a state of the art library with a regional impact. The proposed library also is a great opportunity to stimulate revitalization of Smyrna, Delaware’s historic business district, which has struggled for several decades with vacant store fronts and derelict buildings. Many of Smyrna’s downtown businesses are marginal, and the increased traffic would mean the difference between success and failure. A more attractive business environment would make it easier to fill vacant downtown buildings"

Quentin Schlieder

"I support the proposed Duck Creek Regional Library as a way to unite our community with a goal of encouraging lifelong learners. When the Smyrna School District team designed the additions to Smyrna High School there was an outstanding gym added, but at the same time an equally outstanding library was also built. It is time for our wonderful town to do the same for all ages! Thank you for supporting this important step in bringing our community together."

Debbie Wicks